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Test Preperation

TOEFL measures your proficiency in the English language in an academic context. The TOEFL test consists of the following disciplines: reading, listening and writing. If you want to score high marks in all three sections, you need an extensive vocabulary and lots of practice! That's why we have analyzed typical TOEFL test questions to pick out those words that occur frequently. We will help you expand your vocabulary and give you the skills you need to be success on the TOEFL exam.

ESL Private Classess

Private classes are scheduled by request.

$30 per hr

ESL Small Group

Monday - Thursday

9:00 - 12:30

$250 week

Business English

This course will give you the skills and confidence to meet the challenges of using English in a wide range of professional contexts.

All major business topics will be covered.

$40 per hr


The TOEFL Prep

test helps prove you have the English skills you will actually use in an academic classroom.

Minimum purchase of 20 classes is require.

$40 per hr

Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian and Mandarin

We teach Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin.

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